The Purpose Journey (57)

On hearing about Cheshire Cat and Mary Ann, the poor White Rabbit fainted dead away with his face hitting the tea table top. Shakes Hare said, “Wish my camera man was here. Great footage.”

Alice said, “Quiet, Hare. White Rabbit may have suffered a stroke or a heart attack.”

“I am sure he is fine, Alice. He is drooling on his cookie plate,” replied Mad Hatter.

Dormouse scrambled over to White Rabbit, “A-OK, he is breathing.”

Caterpillar said, “He will wake up in a moment, put his paws over his face and start complaining. ‘My of my, what am I to do.’ He is so irritating when he gets in one of his moods. Let him sleep for awhile. I think Rav has something important to say.”

Rav stood up, saying to his students, “I am a little disappointed with the lot of you. You have been guests twice. March Hare . . . oh sorry, Shakes Hare, told you that the members of this tea party were rehearsing a play the first time. Now he shows up again and everything goes topsy-turvy. But, this time there is no future play to rehearse, only a daily tea party which is always rehearsed the day after it was given.”

Celestine asked, “But, Rav, nothing makes much sense to me. How can things be rehearsed after they happen? How can Alice and the White Queen reschedule a croquet match a week in the past?”

“Celestine, all that you say is absolutely true. Wonderland operates under different natural laws than those in our universe. Even though much appears irrational to our experience, you must admit that even here the laws of purpose work perfectly well. Finding out that flamingos make very sturdy croquet mallets give flamingos a real purpose–not to mention the hedgehogs who act as the croquet ball.

“Time flowing backwards, at times, does not seem to cause any real problems for the inhabitants of Wonderland, does it? And the tea is properly warmed and cookies tasty, yes? So you see, the operation of the law of purpose can be seen everywhere. On Earth, in Wonderland, in Camelot, and in the First Temple. The reason I brought you back to Wonderland is to allow you to verify that the law of purpose is supreme and cannot be avoided, regardless of the world you are within.”

The students looked at each other and started laughing. Philip said, “Rav, you really know how to teach! And that is a fact.”

Rav replied, “Time to return to our Zen Master friend for some more instruction. I want to thank all of my Wonderland friends for helping with your lessons. And Caterpillar, let me know about Cheshire Cat and Mary Ann. I really enjoy all of you.”

And with a click of his heels, Rav and his friends were standing outside were back in the Roshi’s house.

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