The Purpose Journey (38)©

At this point, Merlin entered a comment, “Gabriel, I find this matter of much interest for Camelot as a dreamworld came into being suddenly and as a complete unit. Our lives and world are not static, as cause and effect is always working, and our own actions continually modify our world. Our world is orderly and rational, but it is based upon minimal physical-like laws. Here Magick works. And Tristan has told me that Magick has no power over physicality, but only in the psychological realms. Based upon what I have learned so far, physical creatures have a very tough time as they most contend always with the physical. I see no way for them to overcome their natures, but I see that you and Tristan are no longer bound by . . . what did you call it . . . genetics.”

Gabriel responded, “Thanks for the comment, Merlin. Humans live in a most perilous and complex world–getting worse with the passage of time. When, I am finished, you will find an answer to your quandary. But, now I must finish with my discussion of human nature.”

“The feeling of trust shared between close relatives and small bands of people is a refinement of an earlier genetic adaptation in higher mammals. Those scientists studying animal behavior, the ethologists, found that closely related animals appear to cooperate for the benefit of the family unit, that is they demonstrate an instinctual, genetic propensity to favor the survival of all members of the family unit, rather than just themselves. We call this altruism and I have broached the subject earlier. Similarly, human family and kin members inherently favor each other over outsiders. While, humans and mammals display such behavior unconsciously, humans are expert at altruism for we evolved so to have particular feelings arise in us to support our altruism, the feeling of trust, security, and safety. Unfortunately, such feelings are not aroused in the presence of strangers. When a person cannot trust, he or she moves to the normal default useful for survival–fear and anxiety.”

Henry asked, “But, Gabriel, how do we know that the feeling of trust which develops between kin is not learned by children as they are socialized and so could be extended with proper education?”

Gabriel replied, “Good question, Henry. I would agree that the cognitive notion of trust is inculcated in children via interaction with adults. However, the feeling of trust appears much too early for it to be learned. Typically, by the age of four or five months post birth, children begin to act toward family much differently than to strangers. When a stranger is introduced to a baby, the baby behaves as if he or she is experiencing an acute anxiety. They will try to hide their faces and move behind parents (after they can walk). However, they are fine when they are with only their immediate family. Therefore, babies and toddlers are biologically averse to strangers and naturally at ease with family. Stranger anxiety remains with us as does feeling safe with those we trust–for it is hardwired into our neuroarchitecture.”

“The human predicament is one of the most extreme challenges to be overcome for any conscious species upon any physical world. Conscious evolution can only proceed under impossibility difficult conditions in which we learn to resist and not display what Jung called the Shadow. Acceptance of the need to work under such conditions is what I call ‘necessary suffering.’ All suffering which does not contribute to conscious evolution, the most common kind, are therefore ‘unnecessary suffering.’ As I said, humans are in a terrible predicament!”

“And by predicament, I mean that conscious human beings, or at least potentially conscious, must overcome our very own genetic propensities, if we are to bring lasting peace and equality to our planet. So I offer you a new window upon evil, evil is human for evil is intrinsic to our biological natures. Sociopaths, and demons if they exist, may instigate evil on a large scale, mass persecutions and murders, but, evil only succeeds because we permit it to grow and we are its biological agents.”

“And the first Cosmic purpose of the human species is to overcome the natural predicament emerging when consciousness joins instinct. I am sure Tristan planned to tell you this at some point during your purpose journey. Tomorrow, I will speak about the conjoint species mind and how it affects all of us. For this is where Magick can be helpful.”

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