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Morgana smiling replied, “Thanks. I do carry much shame and guilt over all the evil I did.. But, now I understand a little better, dear Gabriel. And your words remind me that my Tristan never ever gave up on me during such dark times. In the end, I really do believe that Tristan’s love for me was what brought me back after Arthur’s near death. Only to prove the truth of the statement, ‘that love is the most powerful force in Creation. Plus, conceiving Eleanor, Magick or not, proves that my heart and soul were always good!”

Gabriel said, “This is how it must be, Morgana. You and Tristan are bound to the Prince and Princess now. Be strict with Eleanor, but love her with all your heart and all your mind.”

Gabriel waved his right hand and behind each member of the group appeared each’s favorite chair from Merlin’s library and the accompanying table of hold the golden goblets for Merlin’s honey mead. Merlin said smiling in admiration, “Wow, this is what I call ‘convenience magick.”

Gabriel began his first lesson. “Friends, welcome to your first class. And little Eleanor, you listen up for we do not have endless time.” Morgana felt a little kick to her lower abdomen and smiled rubbing her tummy–always counterclockwise.

Previously, I was asked a question about the Concept of Soul. In my answer, I introduced the unfamiliar esoteric concept that permanent souls are not given to human beings, ad libitum, at birth (Christian) or later in life (Hebrew). The fundamental esoteric teaching states that a few are born possessing an active esoteric seed, spiritual nidus, or point in the heart and others or are lucky enough to have been born with a quiescent seed which is activated by life. Most are born without such link and so are unable to move beyond the status of our primate species.

Now, I know some persons are going to protest and immediately offer argument. Commons arguments are:

(1) One of the more tenable positions of opposition states that it seems unfair not to give all human beings a soul at birth or at maturity. But, is it really unfair to burden someone with a permanent soul they might not want? Perhaps, they just want to remain a creature with creature desires (given by nature), live out their allotted years and be done with the suffering which comes with life? Gurdjieff use to say, “Happy is the creature who has completed his or her soul, happy is the creature who lives without a soul, and miserable is the creature trying to finish completion of a soul.”

Lack of a soul is consistent with those defective creatures born without any social mores or conscience who so desire power and wealth that they will do anything to gains it. Not to forget sociopathic war mongers, serial killers, and high profile executives.
A soul is to valuable for willy-nilly distribution. Moreover, why would the Cosmic give something potentially divine to those who would make a mockery of such God?

If God gives man a soul which is already perfect and complete, why not give similar or lesser souls to all animals?

(2) Mainline Christians will offer in opposition the creation story in Genesis 3:7, which states that God formed man of the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and man became a living soul. This concept is also introduced in the early Rosicrucian monographs and is related to the concept of Soul Personality.

However, they confuse the English translation by applying the term “living soul” to the modern metaphysical concept of souls or jivas. When this creation story was incorporated into the OT, the Hebrews meant that man became a being aware of himself or herself (the power to name). The had no religious concept of an immortal soul in this time period.

Moreover, the second creation story in Genesis 1:26-27 completely ignores the concept of soul. It states that man was made in the image and likeness of the Elohim which implies that he is a creature who has been made aware (knows self and not self) and can create as do the Elohim. Again, no concept of an immortal and permanent soul or jiva.

Also, when Adam and Eve were expelled from the Garden and into the world, the world was populated by similar creatures to Adam and Eve, such having to have been created during the seven days, though not directly mentioned.

Subsequently, the Christian presumptions are unfounded.

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