The Purpose Journey (27)©

The water immediately surrounding Morgana remained transparent and calm. All had found her to be the most beautiful woman any one of them could imagine before she entered the pool, but, now she radiated Pristine Beauty as her personal form melted into the water itself. Only her song remained arising from the center of the pool.

Suddenly, Morgana stopped signing and began to speak in a language they knew not consciously, but, magically they understood. She said, “Come my children. Let your souls fly into the pool and into my womb with my Eleanor. And, together, we shall see what must be seen in your universe.”

Soon each felt a pull towards Morgana invisible womb and found themselves merging into a unity of one immersed awareness. Each seeing from his or her own eyes, but at the same time from each others eyes. At last they understood Rav’s comments of the past, “Each has, but one pair of eyes, when still in the manifest. When one touches the Source, all eyes are His eyes for there is naught but One.”

The twelve students, Morgana, Merlin, and Tristan found themselves situated at a useful vantage point so to experience the death throes of the immediately prior universe. The immense volume before them was without stars for the few remaining stars had ceased burning aeons previously. All appeared dark and formless as the remaining photons had increased their wavelengths so to match the background temperature of near absolute zero. A mean temperature so close to true zero that even one significant quantum fluctuation in such volume would initiate a phase change encompassing the totality of this universe as the horizon shells of every black hole would immediately inflate so to encompass all remaining energy and collapse such into each’s singularity–all of them interconnected by one collapsed spatial dimension–one interlinked singularity of the Eternal Metric, each singularity being one small, ten-dimensional polyhedron no larger than Planck’s length constant on each side (10-33 cm) of the ten-dimensional sides..

As they watched in awe through their conjoint eyes, Rav’s voice arose from everywhere and nowhere. “Notice how your mind begins to process information more and more quickly now that it is not hindered by the human brain. Soon you will be processing information so quickly that you are able to differentiate the actualization of sequential events much faster than Planck’s time constant (< 10-43 sec).

Looking with great magnification, you see that what you thought was empty space is not empty at all. For what you thought was empty and continuous is actually discrete. Stretched out before you in every direction is a Grand Mesh made of pure geometry. Everywhere you see 3-dimensional cubes connected one to the next in all directions. Every cube remaining in forever in its own place. Now and then, see the fluttering of a single cube as a photon attaches and detaches itself from such cube in a Planck’s time constant. Each cube sharing sides with those surrounding it such that no space exists without the Metric.

Imagine that you possess a physical arm which can be moved through what seems as empty space. Note that the motion is not continuous. Rather, it feels as if every quanta composing this arm meets resistence. Resistence which manifests as discrete increments of motion of the arm. If you pay very close attention, all you experience is a succession of moments when the arm is at rest–you experience no actual motion of any quantum through 3-dimensional space itself. Why? Because each quanta is actually translating in 4-space, which in 3-space is seen as the sudden appearance of energy occupying one polyhedron for a short time interval, then disappearing from 3-space so to reappear somewhere else. Yes, children, it is true, you appear and disappear in 3-space every time you translate.

If you measure the time and distance increments between many appearances of a translating quanta, the average velocity in 3-space will be given by dividing the total distance translated (from the first to the last point) by the total clock time. This is why it appears to human perception that objects move in 3-space. Shade of Zeno.

Soon, though I cannot predict very well, this universe will deflate near instantaneously such that all of it’s original physical energy collapses into a myriad of black hole pseudosingularities (Planck size), reemerging in one Planck’s time constant into the new universe. In truth, no zero time exists between the last and the next universes. The potential volume of the new universe being about as large as the last–all happening in increments of Planck’s time constant. However, the energy emerging into the new universe is relatively localized, but is uniformly distributed in its initial space so to allow a high order of energy uniformity at the conclusion of emergence. How long it takes for all the energy to enter into the new universe? I do not know.

But, enough of physics. Though, one day I shall have to explain everything about the Metric, its modes of positive and negative vibration, positive and negative energy twin quanta, and so much more unrealized by today’s physicists.

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