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Some may be of the opinion that I spent an inordinate amount of time explaining: [1] the reality of self and self-ascribed operations, [2] common misconceptions as to the existence of individualized, permanent spiritual selves, [3] the operational meaning of the psychological term, ego, as a transient psychoneurological function (a verb) and not an objective entity (an action noun), [4] cognitive presence as the touchstone for our innate, formless feeling of existence and beingness, [5] the imago operators and the virtual worlds created by their conjoint operation, [6] how the proto-imago (somataffective sensations) and autobiographical memory function together so to form an objective, somataffective vessel demonstrating in time, continuity, contiguity, and causality, regardless of incremental physical changes, and [7] how the operational imago, with its feeling of unity, permanence, and surety, arises after the cognitive presence merges with the somataffective vessel.

If you have come to truly understand what I am teaching, then, you shall exclaim with me:

Voilá! Et avec cela, votre âme est née!

Moreover, this ‘living’ somataffective vessel, this holy soul, this aphysical self, or supreme ‘I am’, is the most important entity associated with your physical body in this lifetime. It is not permanent, but believes itself so; it is not divine, but believes itself so; it is what suffers mental anguish and pain; it believes it possesses free choice, but normally acts as a zombie; but, in truth, is no more than a psychofugal artefact, an underutilized epiphenomenon, and another figment of our virtual existence.

Attention! Cette âme est le seul véhicule à l̀illumination et Dieu.

For you see, dear friends, the secret to enlightenment is NOT in the physical world per se. True, without the physical there would be no instrument for attaining enlightenment, but the vehicle must not be mistaken for the resultant. And the resultant is found only within the aphysical [one day I will explain what I mean when I use this term in its brilliant splendor]. Trickery, indeed.

I would suggest contemplating upon the two sentences I wrote in French.

L̀homme fait son âme, pas Dieu.

I will be taking several days off from our journey upon the Path of Study. I need to allow you all some time to review and contemplate upon this new knowledge and to provide some time for the lessons to take root within your unconscious minds so that the branches may form in your preconscious. Rushing is always a bad gardening technique.

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