The Purpose Journey (20)©

The first to the breakfast table the next morning were the students. They had so many questions, not to mention that Rav and Morgana were going to procreate a human elf. Soon Merlin entered and took his seat at the head table. Shortly thereafter, Rav and Morgana arrived. Rav helped her sit at the bench and then kissed her on the cheek and took his seat. Everyone noticed that Morgana’s face radiated a peculiar kind of subtle light causing an aura around her whole head. Rav started laughing, “Traditional Elf fertility lore teaches that after an Elf lady has conceived a child she will show a subtle aura around her head. Based upon Morgana’s glow, I would say it is the elf baby which causes the glow and not the mother herself.”

Morgana replied, “Of course our baby makes me glow for she is a Royal Elf. Darling, I am so happy with you and our Eleanor.”

“Eleanor? Where did this name come from?” asked Rav.

Morgana replied, “It is the middle name of Marduk’s sister. She told me in a dream.”

Breakfast was on the table and everyone stopped chatting and paid full attention to eating the meal. When eating one was to observe the color and texture of the food on the plate, its smell, how it felt upon the tongue and when it was chewed, which taste buds were stimulated, how it felt to swallow, and so on. One was to be present when eating as practice for more trying times during the day.

After everyone finished breakfast, Justin asked a question, “Rav, I have experienced a most curious feeling since we began this journey. I have felt a feeling that every place we visited not only exists by itself, but may even be more real than our physical world. I realize that we are in suspended meditation on Earth and our group awareness has been present in several dream worlds, astral planes, or fantasy realms. I experience myself here with a functioning physical body. I am learning about magick that actually works. You are here, married to Morgana, and going to have an Elf baby with a lady born from an ancient tale. And Merlin is more real to me than most people I know well in the physical. I am rather sure that if I were killed in Camelot, my body on Earth would die. What’s going on?”

Justin’s friends piped up, “What is going on? We feel the same as Justin.”

Rav replied, “Good observation, Justin. First, the feeling which has plagued you since we began our ‘astral travels’ is legitimate, as this feeling of actually being present in each of these aphysical worlds, and a good landmark of inner progress. If you remember back to my evening lesson on Original Soul, I offered a simple explanation of how physical universes arise and cease to exist after an imaginably long time period. Moreover, I explained that the underlying purpose for each new physical universe was to act as an apparatus for the emergence of awareness.

The first type of awareness being cellular, secondary to electrical, chemical, and mechanical forces transduced across the cell membrane. Later came creatures possessing the first inkling of neurons, the multicellular genus Hydras, with some thirty separate species; allowing one cell layer to communicate with another, local or more distant. Eventually, there arose phylum Platyhelminthes, a common genus being Planaria, or nonparasitic flatworms. These simple creatures posses sensory and motor nerves working through a very simple brain, or neural net. Such neural net being little more than a set on connecting neurons. As evolution proceeded the neural net arrangement was maintained in the majority of animal phylum (the invertebrates).

Much later in evolutionary time, vertebrate species began appearing, the Chordata. With the appearance of the vertebrates, a central nervous system comprised of an increasingly more complicated brain came to exist. The higher mammals likely possessing an awareness somewhat akin to human beings, but without any sense of past or future, no autobiographical memory, or abstract thinking. They undoubtedly form images of their particular physical worlds.

With the appearance of potentially self-aware creatures, human beings, the universe became filled with aphysical dream worlds, many of which were linked by individual human minds. Once these virtual worlds came into being, true consciousness was able to reemerge from oblivion so to reorganize itself in preparation for reconstructing a richer, fuller, and more aware Original Soul or Mind.

As Original Mind is the true experiential actuality, as far as your mind is concerned, being closer in resonance with the reforming Original Soul provides the feeling you and the others are experiencing, Justin. The physical world is only the vehicle, the psychic world is the existential actuality which we want to become part of. Any more questions?”

Celestine asked, “Rav, you taught us that at the end of a physical universe that Original Soul fragments itself into its original entities, erases such patterns, and places its intentions into said new universe. This is a good purpose for sure, but it must only be a part of something bigger, right?”



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