No Sloppy Thinking, Grasshopper©

After many years of scientific (medical researcher, psychiatrist) and metascientific study (vast), including, likely having read every one of the ‘original’ and ‘new’ monographs issued, having read every Rosicrucian book available from the English Grand Lodge, having been Grand Councillor, and spending years visiting affiliated bodies, I do believe I have a very reasonably capable grasp on rational reasoning.  Therefore, in the spirit of universal brotherhood, I would ask all of you to watch your thinking and do not practice the following errors:

1.  Treating a scientific or metaphysical-religious hypothesis, or speculation, that is a conjecture not based upon solid empirical knowledge, as a truism, or proven theory or fact.  Unfortunately, I see this error being committed daily in my readings.

2.  Not understanding that a faulty beginning presumption (God exists or God does not exist) at the beginning of a deductive chain of argument always leads to a faulty conclusion.

3.  Not understanding the logical distinction between associative and causal reasoning and when to apply each.

4.  Allowing instinctual needs, existential needs, and unsupported beliefs to enter into rational thought processes so to distort such processes.  Often without seeing such distortion.

5.  Wanting or needing to believe that a superior being knows the final truth of our world and existence, physical and metaphysiologic, so to avoid existential despair.

6.   Not understanding how easy it is for us humans to be manipulated or spun by written, oral, or visual media.

There are more, but this is sufficient for today.

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