The Purpose Journey (18)©

Rav began to recount his tales from Nouseum. “I have never told the students about Nouseum–other than as what they believed was just a child’s tale I created called God’s Greatest Adventure. Merlin and Morgana have heard me speak about Nouseum, but have never visited or met anyone from Nouseum. For whatever reason, I am the only person who seems to be able to visit such a Grand City from our physical universe.

In truth, Nouseum is the nidus of all the physical universes in existence. Every universe, just like our own, has a lifetime and one day will collapse into nothing so to begin a fresh universe. But, Nouseum is eternal for it was created by the Absolute Itself.

In this City lives a great Prince and Princess. These two individuals were the very first people, in a universe too old to be remembered, to learn how to love each other unconditionally, such love seeping into the hearts of every person living in the first successful physical universe such that all selfishness, greed, and hate were extinguished. After they died, the asked the Absolute to create a City for them so they could live there eternally so to help all new universes to evolve, if possible, to perfected Love. And with loving gratitude for what these two angels had accomplished via their own efforts, the Absolute made it so.”

In order to place Nouseum at the center of all current and future physical universes, the Absolute found it necessary to situate the City in the only eternal aphysical universe, the universe of the Elves. The Elves were the first and only conscious beings who rose above the physical plane in its entirety so to establish an aphysical world which survived the deflation of their original physical. Such transcendence being possible as they had eliminated all greed, hatred, lust, and confusion from the world and so were no longer tied to biological evolution.

Subsequently, after transcending the physical, the Elves were able to discover and develop the most potent magick imaginable–the Deep Magick. I do not have time to tell you more of the Elfin world and its importance to later physical universes. All I can tell you is the Evil found its way into their world due to an unrecognized genetic abnormality in a pair of Elf twins making them susceptible to self-aggrandizement.  Eventually, a great war was fought between the pure Elves and the Elves possessed with the desire to be God. Eventually, the pure Elves were victorious. The Evil was locked away in the Oblivion so it could not infect any more universes. The cost was significant as the Elves lost the most powerful Elf, Prince Mikhail of Morningstar. For it was he who cast himself and the Evil into the Oblivion. It was a great sacrifice and the Elves never forgot.

As they had been indirectly responsible for allowing the Evil to enter into a perfected aphysical universe, they placed themselves into a deep sleep so no Elf could call up the Evil again. The Deep Magick was written down on codexes and scrolls and hidden deep in the Archives of Nouseum. The Deep Magick must never fall into the hands of the Evil ever again. But, it will be available for use by someone of the Elf bloodline in the event the Evil escapes the Oblivion. If this happens, the Elves shall awaken and prepare for battle once again.”

No one said a word as Rav told the history of the Elves. They were perfectly focused. Merlin commented to Morgana, “My dear, I guess the focus exercises we taught worked, eh?” Morgana nodded in agreement.

Rav continued, “Enough history, let me tell you about my six days in the City. First, after I returned to Nouseum last week, I began searching for more codexes of the Deep Magick. I had learned enough in my travels to know that the Elf Lore was immense as to their history and their Magick. I had to find the real codexes for I felt the Returning Ritual was only an Elf decoy so to prevent the Evil from having someone call it back. I was quite sure that whatever boxes of Elf Lore the Caspar could find ‘hidden’ at the Museum were of no use to anyone. The deception should work since no one knew the Deep Magick anymore. Therefore, I began to look for the true hidden mother lode of Elfin gold.

But, what would I use as my guide, that was the question? I decided that the real Elf documents were likely written using the same paper and ink and so I evoked a spirit bloodhound and allowed him to smell the decoys. I let him stroll the hallways of the Museum until he stopped by a wall. I could not see inside as the room behind the wall had been hidden from any eyes. But, it was no problem to pass through the wall and into the room for someone who spoke the Elfin language, as I did.

Inside the wall was a room shaped by seven similar walls. Each wall was 7 meters long and 3 meters high. It was lite by a bright flame situated in the center and floating in the air. Along each wall where shelves full of Elf codexes. In the center was a table with another flame so to provide sufficient light for reading. As Caspar did not know I had returned, I remained in this room until I had read and memorized the history, spells, sciences, and Magick contained within them. By the fourth day of my return, I had mastered the Deep Magick and understood its power–for good or for evil. For magick is without valence. It is pure power.

Now I understood how to recall Prince Mikhail from the Oblivion and how the twins Ahri-Simeon and Ahri-Lilith had escaped. And who would have imagined that the procedure would also grant my Morgana the girl child she so longed for. And the child would be of the Elfin bloodline–just as am I.”

Immediately, Helena yelled in excitement, “Morgana, you are going to have the baby you wanted!”

Morgana could find no words.

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