The Purpose Journey (15)©

Rav reappeared just outside the Elf Rune Room of the Archives Museum of Nouseum. He was well aware of what happened the first time he appeared suddenly in the same room as dear old Caspar. The poor man fainted. Rav could hear his friend Caspar mumbling to himself about the Dark Time coming back on his watch. “Why me, those two hooligans could have escaped before I was born or in Nouseum. Where is that damn box of High Elfin Spells and Rituals. I know it is here somewhere?”

Rav knocked on the solid walnut door to the Elf Rune Room. Caspar blurted out, “Not now, I am busy. Go away. Go away until another day.”

Rav answered, “Hey, old man, you have a visitor from Camelot.”

“Camelot,” asked Caspar?

“Yes. Can you guess who it is? You sent for me, you old coot.”

Caspar walked across the room, grabbing the door handle with his right hand, opening it slowly outward (they are very safety conscious in Nouseum), exclaiming,”Rumble my innards, about time you got here, Tristan. I sent you a damn message a day ago.”

Tristan, smiling, said, “Hello, you old recluse. I bet with this cold your arthritis is a mess. Give me a hug, it has been aeons since we were together on our last project.” And Caspar opened his arms and gave Tristan a good bear hug.

“Tristan, come on in. All the worlds are in uproar. Ahri-Simon and Ahri-Lilith escaped from the Oblivion and are plotting once again. Prince Misha is still trapped and the Prince and Princess need to resurrect him. So bad, so bad, so bad. I must find a particular Elfin Spell and Ritual box. I truly think it is hiding from me.”

“It is hiding from you, Caspar. It remains invisible unless you know how to have it appear.” Rav chanted seven magic words in the old Elf language and lo and behold Caspar saw a new box tucked away in the corner by the window. Caspar went to retrieve it, placed it upon the reading table, and tried to open it. It would not open.

Rav waved his hand over the lock, said “open” in old Elf. The lock clicked and the top opened by itself. The inside of the box was full of parchment scrolls, each one wrapped by ribbons. Rav waved his hand once again and letters appeared upon the ribbons in Nouseum telling the nature of the spell inside.

Casper carefully looked through the scrolls until he found one labeled ‘Preparation Ritual To Return From The Oblivion.’ “Tristan, I think this is what we are looking for. Can you make me a translation in Nouseum so I can gather whatever is needed as to paraphernalia and so the Prince will understand?”

“Sorry, old fellow. Cannot do. Too dangerous if it gets lost. I can teach you the Elf Runes though. Say the following words after me, making sure you pronounce them exactly as I do.”

Rav uttered thirteen words for Casper to repeat. It was not difficult for Casper as he already knew the old Elf phonemes. When they finished, Rav said, “Caspar start reading the first paragraph and tell me what it means in Nouseum.”

Caspar did as he was told. “This is simply amazing. This will really help my research as to the days of the First Ones. Thanks, Tristan.”

“Caspar, I need to ask a personal favor of you. When you have time, I need you to see if any of the old Elf parchments contain any information as to how a metaworld lady can bear the child of a Storyteller.” Caspar looked inquisitively at Tristan with his left eyebrow raised. Rav continued, “Morgana is rehabilitated and we have been married for awhile in Camelot. Now she wants a real baby. Making love is not the issue. Human and metaworld gametes are worlds apart. She is so sweet and kind, I hate to let her down. Plus, she will be a great mother!”
“Tristan have you considered the outcome of such a conception. It might open your world to the metaworlds. And that would allow access of the evil twins.”

“Caspar, I do not think so. What I think is that such child may resurrect the essence of an elf. One must take some calculated risks in life, eh? But, now is not the time to worry about it. Fill me in on what is going on in Nouseum and the outer-worlds. Then, you and I will do what we do best. Solve problems!”

Everyone sat down in the kitchen for dinner after their first day of Magick theory. The kitchen was filled with excited words and animated motions. Morgana stood up from her place near Merlin and taped her spoon on the oak table top three times. “Children, children, calm down. No more speaking about Magick.” Looking towards Merlin, Morgana continued, “We are pleased that you enjoyed your very first class. It has been a long time since Merlin and I taught beginning Magick.” Morgana sat down.

Smiling, Merlin chided her, “Morgana, the students are not your children. Give me a break.”

Morgana responded, “OK, They are not technically my real children. I do not have any. But, I can pretend, can’t I?

Helena, who had sat in the chair of Sir Garth, stood up, saying, “Merlin, I do not mind if Morgana wants to treat me as her daughter. It is very nurturing and I am sure all of us would be proud to have Morgana as our mother. What say you, friends?”

Every one of the travelers pipped up together, “Jolly good idea, Helena. We’re with you.”

Morgana turned to Merlin and stuck out her tongue in defiance. “See, Merlin, I can be a Mother now. I am not longer selfish as I was in the past.”

Sticking out her tongue at Merlin was too much to bear. Everyone began laughing, even Merlin.

Unbeknownst to anyone, an invisible Tristan was standing behind Morgana. He reached into a small bag on his waist, took out a pinch of gold dust, and threw it into the air causing a golden cloud to surround the table. He chanted, “Gold to Gold, Heart to Heart, may all those present, being here today, become as one True Family.”

Then suddenly, Tristan was visible. Morgana turned towards him saying, “Hello, darling. The children and I had a great day. I am sure Uncle Merlin would agree.” And agree he did.

The students made space for Tristan so he could sit next to Morgana. And the students shared a thought together. “None had expected that their journey to discover purpose would contain a love story. Especially, one involving our Rav and Morgana. Clearly, unselfish love has much to do with the purpose of creation! This Magick stuff is most unexpected.”

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