The Purpose Journey (11)©

Claudius asked, “Merlin, I have a question. Tristan, who we call Rav, has discussed the different mental worlds we move in and out of. We all have learned hypnosis and find it useful for many things. Invoked creatures as positive hallucinations is surely part of the explanation. But, my insides are telling me that there is more to the story.”

“What you call your insides is really feeling the honey mead. It is most curious elixir. Been working on it for many years now. It is made from enchanted bees, you know,” added Merlin.

“So far, all I have shared with you are comments as to the functioning of the normal mentality available to human beings in your particular universe of physicality. I have remained within the boundaries of the capacities of your central nervous system with its imago triad. We have seen that certain mental states are possible in hypnotic states, normal dreaming, and psychosis. This is as far as we have gone up to now,” added Merlin.

Continuing, Merlin said, “But, there is much more to discuss. Moreover, the material to come is much related to Chatelaine’s question. First, at this moment, you all are in the same universe as I normally reside within. And I would surmise that most of you, dear people, think it no different than your universe. But, this universe is not the same as your’s, as I already demonstrated. In my universe, real magic exists. Watch.”

Merlin traced a pentacle in the air in front of him and chanted in a language not understood by anyone present (other than Rav). In front of the travelers a purple sphere of smoke appeared, expanding into space so assume the shape of a human, finally solidifying as a beautiful young lady with green eyes and dark-red hair dressed in navy blue linen finery. Merlin stepped forward, took the right hand of the lady, and introduced her, “Ladies and gentlemen, please rise. May I introduce, Arthur’s half-sister, Lady Morgana le Fay. Ladies curtsy and men bow.”

Morgana greeted everyone, most royally. “Hello, dear Merlin. Long time no see. Nice of you to reawaken me from my rehabilitation sleep. I was such a bad sister to dear Arthur. But, the past is the past and the living must move on. Though, Arthur need not complain, Avalon is pretty nice place to live.”

Merlin replied, “I see you have repaired your soul and it is nice to see you with a kind smile. The reason I summoned you is for you to explain how magical worlds differ from the parent physical world. These folks are from the physical world and are still ignorant.”

Morgana had not noticed that Tristan was present for he had ducked from the library when the purple smoke first appeared. He returned saying, “Hello, Morgana, you look ravishing as usual.”

Morgana turned towards Tristan’s voice, rushing to him so to greet him with a rather passionate kiss on his lips, ending with, “Hello, darling. How are you? You haven’t forgotten your sweet and amorous sorceress, have you?”

Rav, blushing just a little, replied,”Never, Morgana. You were always sweet with me–even during the Arthur / Mordred fiasco. I would have stayed with you, as you well know, but, as I was a creature of the true physical world, eventually, I had to return.”

“I know, darling. I would like a few months or years of your time. I have missed you,” cooed Morgana.

“Good idea, after we finish today’s lesson, as to purpose, I am sure dear Merlin will entertain my students for a few weeks. Right, Merlin.”

“Fine, Tristan. But, allow Morgana to explain about the significance of your world’s dream time. It is unique to the physical worlds, as none of us dream in our worlds. We are either awake or in deep, dreamless sleep. Imagine how confusing things would be if we had to deal with dreams within dreams within dreams.”

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