A Teaching Tale for the Children

10/24/08  Dr. Michael Jon Kell©


Once upon a time,
the sweetest of young girls
went walking in the dark woods.
She was sweeter than bee’s honey
and as tender as mother’s love.
Her heart reached all the way to the moon
and she longed to share her all with another.

She gave her trust,
but was betrayed mercilessly,
finding faith no more in love,
never hoping to see it again,
she became lost in the dark woods.

A little later, a real prince was hunting
in these same dark woods
and found to his great surprise,
a sad little heart, so scared and alone,
fractured into so many odd shaped pieces,
that tears filled his dear blue eyes
and his heart opened so very wide.

Holding this little heart ever so gently,
he brought this dear, little heart to his home.

He took all of the pieces,
like an ancient Chinese puzzle-master ,
he put them all back together;
and as he worked, his tears fell onto the heart
and his magic brought it back to life.

As time passed,
this young girl lived in the castle of her princely savior.
She saw how kind he was,
courteous and generous,
clever and well-meaning,
and how very sad his own heart really was,
and her heart began to beat once more.

One day she was pruning roses in the great castle garden,
and she saw a wondrous, beautiful butterfly
come to rest upon a red-green rose leaf.
As this butterfly moved its wings
her heart began to beat to match its rhythm.

She became very still and quiet
and a little voice within said to her,
you have found your true love,
you love your prince and he loves you,
go to him and tell him right this moment
for there is no time to waste.

And the young girl
knew the voice was correct
and her heart could love again,
even deeper than before,
and tears came to her eyes
as she realized she loved her prince,
and how much her prince needed her love.

Love higher than to the moon
love higher than to the sun,
she loved him all the way to God.

She went to the prince,
taking his hand in hers,
she looked right into his soul,
my friend, the finder of my broken heart,
you are my true love
and I know you love me dearly.
I am yours my love,
marry me and be mine.

The prince and the young girl
were married in his castle
and they loved each other more and more each day,
until, one day they forgot about themselves
and knew only the other.

Sons and daughters had they,
then grandsons and granddaughters,
and on and on.

And you know what,
dear children?
Even dear old God was happy!

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