Type III Reality (caveat)

In my last blog, I stressed that legitimate enlightenment only occurs in persons having succeeded in experiencing Actuality via an unadorned ergoegotic center.  Normally, the ergoegotic center unknowingly clothes itself with one persona after another; each persona reigning as sovereign for the moment, many oblivious of its mates.  Some of these personas are quite clever. associating with others of like mind and desire, and will utilize the ergoegotic center so to allow brief moments of pure consciousness to  be experienced so to fed their egoism.

Remember, the ergoegotic center is not an ego state; it is simply an apparatus for connecting type II reality with pure consciousness in service of conscious evolution. As this center operates unconsciously, operating as a conduit for pure conscious, it feeds into type II reality whenever its ‘control value’ is jarred opened slightly by an ego state(s).  A most dangerous situation.

Subsequently, if such ego states are dominant, that is, occupying the ergoegotic center for long durations of time, an individual’s type II reality will become inflated and grandiose.  The individual will perceive itself as an enlightened being, creating a philosophy or theology so to explain Actuality (which is basically incorrect and ego-centered).  Look around at the assortment of gurus coming to America, opening vast centers, and corrupting foolish seekers.

Inflated type II reality is the most common explanation as to why the state of enlightenment seems inconsistent between groups.

The only competent way to avoid inflating ones egoism and crystallizing a deviant type II reality is to learn to observe what is happening within the body, the emotions, and the thinking on a minute to minute basis.  What events stimulate particular clusters of ego states to capture the ergoegotic center; how long do they persist; what do they want; what makes them leave and so on? Each possesses a myriad of ego states, egoistic and altruistic, self-aggrandizing or potentially conscious, all desiring to adorn the ergoegotic center.

For until an aspirant has seen the enemy and come to know the friend, he or she is incapable of finding personal methods so to diminish the effects of detrimental ego states and enhance those of more beneficial ones.

To learn how to keep the ergoegotic center unadorned, seekers must work diligently, applying super effort so to prevent recalcitrant ego states and self-aggrandizing personas from occupying the ergoegotic center.  Rather like cleaning soot off a lantern glass.

Furthermore, an uninformed stream-enterer will fail to fully integrate his or her ‘moments of enlightening’ as the experience is contaminated by imposing his or her cultural-specific world views. Enlightenment is not a single final state of being and knowledge–but, a vast expanse which can never be fully realized in a single incarnation.

So dear Friends, be careful about the people you associate with during your search; for most teachers are false.  If you are lucky and careful, you might actually find an opportunity with a real Initiate.  Presuming such Initiate deems you capable of making a permanent soul!

Blessings, the Good Doctor





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