Type I Reality:

Dear Friends,  for the next few posts, I shall address the difference between what is called reality and that which is Actual. By Actual, I am referring to the essential, underlying structure of this universe–as it is, in and of itself.  Such structure encompassing the the totality of existence–both physical and aphysical.

Reality is not the same as Actuality.  Actuality is the Absolute Primary, while, reality is no more than a useful secondary phenomenon generated by an animate, human mind-brain.  Moreover, your personal reality is present when you are actively dreaming and during normal wakefulness.

During wakefulness, sensory data constantly impinges the surface of our bodies, such surfaces being the interface between what is within and what is without.  The eyes, the ears, the tongue, the nose, and the skin are all interface organs.

From this richness of sensory information, the central nervous system filters out all data which is not immediately relevant to the matter at hand; interacts with our several memory systems, and generates a virtual image which is back-projected onto the appropriate physical objects providing the sensory data.  Subsequently, during wakefulness, the sum total of each physical image generated from sensory data is merged so to form a local virtual world image filled with animate and inanimate objects.  There is no ‘theater of mind.’

These mind-brain virtual worlds generated from similar physical surroundings by individuals are amazingly consistent with each other on self-report (barring hallucinations).  Moreover, each responds similarly to specific optical and auditory illusions.  The reliability and predictability of science is the strongest evidence for validating the overlay of a realized physical world upon a primary existing physicality.

Type I Reality is defined by the general mental overlay of the virtual physical with the actual physical during wakefulness. As we shall see tomorrow, it is not exactly accurate to say that our acting-receiving egos are present in the physical, as our bodies are; rather, our egos exist solely in the virtual physical.

Baal Eyt


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