RCUI Course: 10/31-11/01/15 Johannes Kelpius Lodge


Title: The Freedom Exercises: Finding peace in an uncertain world.
Mankind exists within a world ripe with uncertainty, misfortune, and failed dreams. Unfairness abounds everywhere. None have found a way to change the world. So what can you do? In this course, you will discover that deep within your psyche exists a “place” of simple joy, simple peace, and well being; a “place” which can be reached and developed via the Freedom Exercises. By keeping ones “center of gravity” within rather than without; uncertainty, misfortune, failed dreams, and the unfairness of the social world does not disappear. What is gained is an inner strength to persevere in hardships and truly share your heart with others.

Title: Scaling Mt. Alitheia: The Changing Face of Rosicrucianism
this course, we explore the limitations placed upon metaphysical theories by hard science. So remember the R+C adage: “Be always a walking question mark. Listen first, think second, and then verify your understanding. Unsupported belief is alien to a true student.”

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